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In order to consolidate the recognitions of the SVM industry made explicit in recent rulemakings at EPA and NHTSA, COSVAM has begun lobbying legislators on Capitol Hill. COSVAM has determined that the SVM industry has support on Capitol Hill, and is currently exploring ways to gain a hearing for the industry. The regulatory agencies need help in framing the definition of SVM and in formulating SVM policy. COSVAM aims to assist the industry by calling for Congressional investigations or formal hearings into the plight of the SVM industry, while calling for the creation of internal SVM policies for the agencies, which are consistent with the ideals of passenger safety and environmental protection, but which will preserve the flexibility necessary for the SVM industry to survive. This development would allow for SVM flexibility from the outset of all rulemakings affecting the industry, rather than the existing situation which requires manufacturers to expend enormous amounts of time and resources in costly compliance and certification procedures, following the issuance of every new regulation.