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COSVAM Membership

How to Join COSVAM

Members of COSVAM come from many spheres of the SVM industry, but all share one thing in common, their desire to improve the situation for the industry in an era of rapidly evolving bureaucracy and an increasingly hostile regulatory climate. They are not only interested in streamlining the certification of SVM vehicles today, but also ensuring that the processes of homologation and certification will improve for SVMs in the future.

Professional consultants, research institutions, engineers and manufacturers are valued members of COSVAM. Throughout the years, membership has been drawn from both Europe and the United States.

While the climate confronting the industry has begun to improve since the formation of COSVAM, there is still much more work to be done to help safeguard the SVM industry in the future. For those that say that enough progress has already been made, COSVAM says, "No, there is no security without constant vigilance and perpetual monitoring of both regulatory trends, as well as the construction of a solid rampart of political support for the industry."

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